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Airplanes; ...Phone Numbers;... ATIS; ...DUATS; ...Locators;...Publications Airport diagrams; ... Sales; ...Tests; ....Tower Audio; ...Web Sources;...Maintenance; ...Best Buys for Radios; ...Non-tower Operations ...Phases of the Moon; …TAF and METAR translators; …ATC Operations Manual; …Web Aviation; ...General; ...Systems Reverence Textbook; ...Pictures of Airports; ...About Airplanes; The Written; …Flight Planner; …FAA web sites; …NTSB Accident; …Part61 &Part 141; …Weather; ...PIREP Info; ...Icing; Radar Weather...METARGPS; ...Simulator of HSIPalm Pilot references; …Simulator; ...IFR; …CFI;VOR tutorials; …Medical;Live Audio; …Practical Test Standards; …Study Materials; …FARs and Requirements; …Equipment; ...FAA Flight Standards ServiceFSS Codes; …Route Codes; …OAK Flight Watch; …Recommended Reading;... Getting on the Internet;... Advisory Circular; ...Pilots Operating Handbook; …SF Bay Area Departures; … Weight and Balance; ...Non-Tower Operations; Atmospheric Science; ...Free FAA Publications for Pilots and Instructors; ...Student Pilot Discussion Groups; ...

Repositories of aviation images
Mostly commercial airlines

Airline Taxiing Accidents (My student in 1979)

Mostly general aviation airplanes

Aerial photos of airports -.
The ads there have pictures with them, and are sorted by type.

Cessna: presents photos of the cockpits of a Cessna 172, 172 RG and Piper Seminole. If you point to a gauge or control and click, you get a pop-up that explains it. The Cessna 172 is almost complete.  The others are almost started

C-152 Simulator

For a look at the latest Pipers:

Bay Area Jet Team

Instrument Panels
Photo collection of nearly every military aircraft's instrument panels.
Click here:

Phone Numbers
Gene Whitt, Instructor: 925 376-5875

CCR AWOS 925 689-2077
CCR ATIS: 925 685-4567
Navajo Aviation 925 685 1150 (fuel)

Concord Tower:925 685-5743 685-5744 weekends
Buchanan Airport office: 646-5722
Staff paper 925 210-5332

Byron airport
8:30 to 4:30 925 634-0147
CTAF 123.05

Livermore Tower: 925 443-0666


Oakland Center (510) 797-3200

Universal FSS number 1-800-992-7433 (1-800-WX BRIEF)
Weather Bureau 5 day forecasts
1-408 656-1724
FSS Supervisor 273 6111 (EMERGENCY NUMBER)
IFR NUMBER 1-800-272-0128
CCR 925 685 4567 OAK 510 635 5850
HWD 510 786 3988 LVK 925 447-9516
Now located in Sacramento
FAA General aviation (FISDO)
510 273 7155

DTC 800/245-3828
GTE 800/767-9989

GTE DUATS is at:

Radar Weather


Free weather graphics, weather charts with weather decoder using Cirrus software. Input requests can be made off-line and the data automatically downloaded.

GPS Companion...Gives location of non-aviation places. 800/532-3462.

The ATC flight data processing computer will accept anything it's told to accept. A preferential route allows one to assume that it is in the computer.   Note that there is one period between unlike elements (fix.route) and two periods between like elements(route..route or fix..fix). 

Aviation TV channel:
Wingspan: Air and Space channel on cable and satellite. (301) 718-0700

The site provides information about Pilots Guide to California Airports,
Pilots Guide to Southwestern Airports (published by RGR Publications) as well as other products and services from Optima Publications. Pilots Guide to California Airports subscribers will also find useful Revision information and Page Checklists to make sure your Guide is complete and up-to-date.
Optima Publications
Pilots Guide to California Airports
180 Second Street
Los Altos, CA 94022-2860
(415) 941-4333

AOPA Online - Home Page

Safety Highlights" (the first in the series) was mailed to more than 27,000 Cessna 172 owners and operators. Each edition of "Safety Highlights" will be available free on the ASF


Textron Lycoming believes that shock cooling is a problem. Browse through their web site: and you will find at least one article (in the engine operation section) which gives techniques for avoiding it.

Summit Aviation has all FAA material in computerized data base on CD ROM or 800/328-6280. CFIs save money

Source of books on flight training featuring most of Bill Kershner's and Robert Gardner's work plus 150 other aviation books and videos in various categories.

It highlights some of the more interesting submissions. FREE .

Other issues can be found online at

Radio Procedures

Downloadable flight simulator

A collection of mnemonics for VFR GeneralAviation

VFR and IFR mnemonics:

Morse Code
n-line morse code practice page:
Follow the Morse Code link on the left hand menu.

Windcalc.exe download it by clicking here!! (only 40k)

Featuring instant calculation of up to a 16 leg flight. Tells you corrected course, grounds speed and leg time. Change the wind speed, direction, or your cruise speed and all legs are refigured. Makes it easy to see what effect these parameters have on your flight. Convert all miles and speeds from statute to nautical with one motion.

Found a web site with some nav instruction (geared to a flight sim but the concepts the same) plus quite a history lesson.It covers time and distance to station calculations for an NDB.

It has the look and feel of a regular navigation log. Check it out at
(Follow links Planning-> navigation log - javascript version)

Making your computer into an E6B

I pulled the formulas out of
and built a spreadsheet-based nav log that does all of the grunt work for me. It's great.

Put your pilot logbook on the Web and access it from anywhere in the world! And it's free. Log on to

Official Sources
ASRS Web Site

The FAA recently released an update of its "Aviation Weather Services" Advisory Circular (AC 00-45E). It's not yet in print, but can be downloaded. This AC explains how to interpret and use coded weather reports.>.

Air Traffic Control Related Sites

Dallas-Ft Worth Tracon

A/FD data

If the location has a street address, online on MAPBLAST:

International Aerobatic Club Home Page

EAA Warbirds Division Home Page

Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum

Reference and General Sources
The Aviation Home Page -
CyberAir Airpark

New York State Aviation Information

AeroLink - Aviation linkages

Michele's Virtual Hanger
Pilot - aviation magazine for pilots (United Kingdom)

Delorme's Street Atlas

lat./lon. info from

Distance to the closest airport for each location

About magnetoss,

GPS in 1996

AOPA members ,
List of FAA-approved medication
Medical subject reports
Medical information resources
Airport diagrams
Flight Planner on site
Single Pilot IFR site

Flying Concepts

Short field techniques in Alaska

Author says, "A pretty good web site." It is, Gene

Battery (FAQ) Manufacturers and Brand Names List, Battery References and Information

Source for Aircraft performance figures

Airport Diagrams

Michigan nearby landing strips and airports

A list of definitions for the acronyms used in aircraft classified ads.

Aero Instruments and Avionics Home Page
Aircraft Shopper Online;
The Aviation Home Page - Companies & Businesses...

Eastern Avionics International, is the website. (headset)

Pilot Insurance

Pilot Supply

Comm 1: Radio Simulator--Click Here for More Information

DTC Duat Services

MBNA: FBO Rebate Program

This has a pretty collection of aircraft specifications

Mid Atlantic Aviation Info

Thunderstorms/strong convective activity.

Free test:

Tower Audio
Chigago Approach

Abeline Regional, TX

Bankstown Airport Tower, Australia

Battle Creek Airport (BTL), MI

Calgary International Airport (YYC) Approach

Centennial Airport (APA) Tower -Englewood, CO

Chicago (ORD) Approach Control - West IFR

Dallas Fort Worth Area

John Wayne Airport (SNA) Tower, CA

New York Area

Philadelphia International Airport (PHL)

Providence, RI Approach

Web Sources
Register with American Weather Concepts (AWC) as AOPA member and get basic service for $4 per month.
Log on in Members Only section of AOPA at

Kip's FAA Written test page

TIFF images

ASOS/AWOS phone numbers and radio frequencies

Do it online directly with the National Aeronautical Charting Office. Cheaper than subscriptions through other vendors because the prices include delivery.

Selected Web Sites
Using GPS to get True Airspeed

$90 CD on Applied Aerodynamics

Devoted to safety with 30 links

Aircraft Specification

Beautiful pictures magazine\

Great source of information

Accident survivorís site

Flying Mistakes

A collection of sites about aviation

A law reference if you need protection from the FAA

Register to use site to file a flight plan

Buy cheapest fuel

Airport information and weather

Every Conversion You Need

A site to give you density altitudes

An FAR Search Engine

Airport Reference

Buy your charts for less

Weather Information

Weather Pictures

Aeronautical Information Manual

wireless weather

Karen Kahn

Download current approach plates

Making Emergency Kit

Preventative maintenance video

Advisory Circular 43-13-1B/2A Acceptable Methods…etc.

AME web site for pilot medical problems

Best Buys for Radios

Buying Garmin

Non-tower Operations
AC 90-42 Non-tower radio procedures
AC 90-66 Non-tower patterns and practices

Phases of the Moon

TAF and Metar translators

ATC Operations Manual

Web Aviation
Training experience in the US, plus in the UK on my US ticket.
Searches for N-numbers, pilots, mechanics, flight schools, FAA and medical examiners, aviation museums, and FARs.FAA prep exams for private, instrument, commercial, andCFI

Enter the city and state appropriate airports, with fully detailed information about the airport.


For pilot insurance needs see:

Download the new PA-28-161 checklist,

Sites to Look at

Systems Reference Text
Aircraft Systems for Pilots--Jeppesen

Pictures of Airports

Though limited to the DC region, several places mentioned are using our
photos (though not all are literally on final):

About Airplanes
.Here is a site that explains very well how a gyroscope works:

"See How It Flies" at:

Performance characteristics of airplanes.

Graphically displays a wingtip vortex from a landing 747.

An online database that lists aircraft specifications and is searchable? 

Excel weight and balance computer and a set of checkllists for the C-172RG to my web page.

Personal Minimums Checklist.

Dos and don'ts of tying down an airplane.


Palm Pilot

San Franciso Bay Tour

.It runs on JAVA It also has RMI, ADF approaches

The Written
* private pilot, instrument pilot, ant ATP knowledge test prep software * a /better/ vfr flight planner
* freqsheet, an airport/navaid frequency 'cheat sheet' automation tool.

250 questions from the private pilot written exam in my database webiste.

Flight Planner (2006)
Best for windows CE devices lwith PC and PDA versions, HSI, flight planning, terrain.  Free  PFMS forums will answer questions

236 slim bluetooth GPS.
I have an updated version (1.10) of my VFR excel flight planner at my website. The URL is

A set of DEMO Excel planners at:

FREE Flight Planner and Way Point Data Base
It's called CoPilot, developed by Laurie Davis and the open database for it generated by Paul Tomblin,

FSDO (Flight Standards District Offices

Status and phone numbers of AWOS and ASOS.

or directly for Tyler's version

FAA web sites
FAA FAQ at AFS-600
FAA databases (airports, airman, a&p, ame's, etc) Has a live flight plan filing and closing feature.

Search via 'Pick from List'
'FAA Information and Documents'
File Directories:
LFAA-ASI about maintenance
FAA-ATT training and tests
FAAOAI Order, notices and Acs
FAA-RI FAR information
 FAA Flight Standards Service Aviation Information Web Site
Airline Certification

NTSB Accidents
Current Accidents
Reviewing accident reports can help you to fly more safely by helping you learn from the mistakes of others made in the last 30 days.. 
( ).

FAA Incidents
FAA Enforcements
Airworthiness Directives
Aircraft Information
Aviation Schools
Public Aviation Sites
FAA Homepage
Other Government Sites
AFS Directory
Regulatory Support Division
AA's AAI (Office of Accident Investigation) and NTSB both have web sites with summaries of accident reports.


Part 61 & part 141 html (How and why airplanes fly)

www.wingsonline (Bay Area simulator)

AIM at: gopher://

Do preflight weather planning from before calling for a standard

Source for meaning of alphabetical contractions in aviation

I like the FlightPath Java Tool at
It allows you to select altitude (in 1000' increments no less) and a time(up to 12 hours in the future). You can even draw a path on the map, and it will give you linear view along your route. Shows wind direction, speed, as well as temperature and humidity.

Send an email message
With the subject or body:METAR K???
With the ??? being replaced with the airport identifier. You'll get a reply back to the reply to address from where you sent the email. Likewise, you can get a Terminal Area Forecast by sending the following to the same address:TAF K???

Northwestern part of the country,
Bay Area Weather

Weekend Weather
Indexed weather service. Includes DUATS and aviation links

Jim Price says, "Check my web site."

This is the NOAA official data. Lots of stuff including low level and weather depiction.

Try searching for Weather1 on this site. I have it set up to show a weather map as my windows wallpaper. It updates automatically. It can be set up to show radar, prognostic etc etc..Paul Cook

Free indexed weather service, includes DUATS logon.

Individual reports that I look at.

Low Level NOAA SIGWX Progs

NOAA METAR Surface Map with FAA VFR/IFR Designations


FAA Pilot Report of Icing for the Chicago area

FAA Pilot Report of Turbulence for the Chicago area</A>

FAA Pilot Reports of Sky Conditions for the Chicago area

GOES 8 (2 Km) Visible/Fog Image w/ VFR/IFR overlay Weather - Springfield, Illinois - Radar Loop

Aviation Digital Data Service (ADDS)

GTE DUATS on the Web Sign On

Official Forecast Products

NWS Surface Analysis / Forecast Fax Charts

Drill down to get the 5 day forecast

Internet Weather



Storm Prediction Center 

Satellite images

Radar Weather

Texas A&M University Meteorology

Transport Canada has a page on Regulation and Standards: Winter Operations


TeleType GPS offers touchscreen gps for aviation.

According to Joe Mehaffey, it is Y2K compliant. See Joe's site is a very reliable one for all GPS questions.

IIMorrow Gps Site,

GPS fixes

Software for the GPS. Waypoint+ at:

You can find cables at:

Aviation GPS track logs!,
Lowrance 2000 info

GPS References:


There is no AC on how to get approval to use GPS for primary IFR navigation. Only use of GPS is approved as a "supplemental means" for IFR navigation.

Simulator of a HSI

Palm Pilot references

The 200LX palmtop PC with a GPS unit a program called LXGPS

Use a Palm III, and Air Calc Pro for flight planning, and AvCheck for the checklist. You can find a big list at

Contact Hart Aviation at

Palm Pilot June 2004
I was just dropping someone a line on Palm programs. There are a couple of nice programs for Palm OS that allow you to program aviation formulas.

I have recently gone back to using a Palm OS (Sony Clie T27) organizer rather than a Pocket PC. Being less expensive and smaller, I am more likely to carry it with me and have it when I need to jot down a note, address, appointment, etc. The other reason that I like Palm is that there are a lot of little applications that are quite handy. Anyway, I don't want to get into a debate between which is better Palm or Pocket PC. There are
certainly some aviation applications, such as Anywhere Map, and NavGPS, that are strictly Pocket PC.

There are also some good Palm applications which are very different in scope from Anywhere Map and Nav GPS, such as CoPilot by Laurie Davis for Palm. is a good source for various programs.

For those of you who just need a function or two or enjoy playing with such thing,s there are two programs for Palm that make programming basic aviation functions very easy.

The first is APCalc, . It is a $20 programmable calculator program. For example, to find a cross wind, it is a simple matter of one program line: WS?*sin(WD?-RD?).

In fact you could just enter this directly and recall it from the history when you need it. However, it is relatively simple and much more effective to assign it to a key.

Another is HotPaw Basic, This is a small basic interpreter that allows you to write simple basic programs on the Palm. A simple program can be written and programmed in the memo pad such as:

ws=val(input$("Wind Speed"))
wd=val(input$("Wind Direction"))
rd=val(input$(Runway Direction"))
print "crosswind component", ws*sin(wd-rd)

A good source of these formulas is Ed Williams excellent page:

There are also some spreadsheet programs such as MiniCalc,, that can be used.

I have no relationship with any of the producers of the programs I have mentioned. I just thought some of you might find this useful or interesting.
John Bell





VOR Tutorials

Answers to your questions and has a search feature to locate AMEs. (Aviation Medical Examiners)

Coor blindness in aviation.

 Live Audio
ATC feeds are available live on the internet.You usually need the free REALPLAYER plug-in at
(the PLUS version is the full retailproduct).

Practical Test Standards
Getting latest FAA changes to PTS Access AFS-600 web site via Scroll down to 'quick jump selection
Select 'Publications:Training,Testing and Technical'
On next page…
'Practical Test Standards (printable)' which has actual PTS including changes
A vertical black line identifies changes. Electronic pages do not match PTS booklet. or
Summary of Practical Test Standard Changes

Study Materials

Great source of books on flight training featuring most of Bill Kershner's work at plus 150 other aviation books and videos in various categories.
. it's community calendar based - to schedule their partnered planes.

Sectionals and Terminal Area Charts renewal dates

FAA safety movies of the 1970's

Comprehensive series of discussions on ditching. is a

Flux Gate Compass

We now have a real time aviation chat room on:

The ras newsgroup archives

Very informative to any level

"AOPA&sup1;s Airport eDirectory," can be downloaded. Purchase the eDirectory on a CD-ROM for $7,
( )
The AOPA Online (picture) Gallery
( ).

Click on "Instructors Only" then click on "Educational Videos"

The Map Base

Understanding the VOR

Do check it out under "Planning", in my home page

There is a program called NuMorse which you can try to use code...

On my site under Navigation Simulator, is a link to a great site for
practicing VOR, ADF, RMI and HSI's

METAR reading tutorial.

RNAV information source

Engine Operation
Support/publications/key reprints/Engine Starting Suggestions
Locates airports

Try this site:
Dutch rolls and other manuevers are explained.

Check out - there is one there, along with some great
software for preparing for various FAA tests.

Passenger briefing card

Every formula related to aviation and then some can be found at

Student website

Java software for the Private Pilot, and Instrument Pilot written exam preparation.

FARs and Requirements

Check the FARs for the instrument requirements. If you're training under part 61 it's in 61.65.

If you're training under part 141 it's under 141 Appendix C


Dave Clark headsets upgraded with ANR kit perform well. For more information about our products and service, visit

FAA Flight Standards Service

FedWorld via Internet
(703) 321-8020 any time
Help (703)487-4608 normal hours e.s.t.

FSS Codes
BRIEFER........ *99 INSTRUCTIONS... 311
MENU............200 FAST FILE MENU..201
Tape recorded flight plans Voice activated. 6 second delay system
switches to briefer. 15 minute phone wait required to give FSS time to call back for corrections..
VFR FLIGHT PLAN 401 From 30 minutes to 24 hours
MULTIPLE PLANS 402 Recommend not to use.
Remote outlets: Remote outlets:
Arcata, Big Sur, Fresno, Fort Jones, Friant, Lake
Oakland, Red Bluff, Reno Tahoe, Point Reyes

OAK RCO'S (Remote communications outlets)
122.5 Cow Mountain, Mt. Tamalpais, Mountain View, Oakland
122.2 Is available as universal FSS frequency
OAK ..RENO 303 SJC ..BKF 304
SJC ..SBA 305 CALIF 307

Remote outlets: Remote outlets:
Arcata, Big Sur, Fresno, Fort Jones, Friant, Lake
Oakland, Red Bluff, Reno Tahoe, Point Reyes

FAA Flight Standards Service
FedWorld via Internet
(703) 321-8020 any time
Help (703)487-4608 normal hours e.s.t.

Recommended Reading
STICK AND RUDDER, Book available in public library.
CALLBACK P.O. Box 189, Moffett Field, CA 94035 FREE
GENERAL AVIATION NEWS--U.S. Government Printing Office $6-7
Area map/location study to become familiar with checkpoints.
Flight Training Magazine (free for 6 months)
(Probably the best aviation magazine for students ever published)
Send, pay, for all back issues.

The Flight Instructor's Manual by Kershner

Aerodynamics for Naval Aviators by Hurt

Robert Buderi 'Invention that Saved the World'; Must read book about history of RADAR

Longitude $11 pocket book about invention of chronometer and much more. 135 pages.

Getting on the Internet
Now only available via the internet

The very best source of need to know but hard to find information is available through the Government Printing Office. Completing the form and getting on their mailing list guarantees even the most unloved of us a continuous stream of mail. First, I want you to request the listed Advisory Circulars to bring your library up to date. Secondly, I want you to complete the "REQUEST FOR MAILING LIST ACTION" form that will, if renewed, give you all the updates and new circulars as they are published.

The AC's have a numbering system with the first set giving the general subject area and the last series the specific subject area. If no cost is mentioned they are free. I have listed those I feel most applicable to my students. Some of the weather and training information is available in commercial publications through FBOs. The ACs that have a cost I have listed at the end. Pay your money and take your choice. I would recommend that you borrow copies from flying friends where possible. ACs are not legally binding or regulatory but they should be heeded since the FAA can use your failure to abide by AC recommendations in any action against you.

For weather information obtain AC 00-6 as a weather textbook. Use AC 00-45 as a guide to interpreting weather charts and forecasts. AC 61-21, AC 61-23 and AC 61-84 are related to FAR Part 61 as it pertains to weather and other aspects of flying.

Advisory Circulars come as FAA manuals such as Flight Training Handbook (AC 61-21B; Aviation Instructor's Handbook (AC 60-14); and Instrument Flying Handbook (AC 61-27. The Airmans Information Manual (AIM) is a must if you begin flying as a career. The FAA publishes an Accident Prevention Program series devoted to information about flight problems deemed to cause accidents. Computer Bulletin board is (800) 426-3814

Advisory Circular Checklist
Subject No. 00
00-24B Thunderstorms
00-34A Aircraft Ground Handling and Servicing
00-44DD Status of the Federal Aviation Regulations
Subject No 20
20-5F Plane Sense
20-32B Carbon Monoxide (CO) contamination in aircraft
20-34D Prevention of Retractable Landing Gear Failures
20-35C Tie-Down Sense
20-37D Aircraft Metal Propeller Maintenance
20-42C Hand Fire Extinguisher for use in Aircraft
20-43C Aircraft Fuel Control
20-66 Vibration Evaluation of Aircraft Propellers
20-103 aircraft Engine Crankshaft Failure
20-111 Communication Interference Caused by Unintentional Keyed microphones.
20-113 Pilot Precautions and Procedures to be taken in preventing Aircraft Reciprocating Engine Induction System & Fuel System Icing Problems
20-119 Fuel Drain Valves
20-120 NonDirectional Beacon Frequency Congestion
20-125 Water in Aviation Fuels
43-9B Maintenance Records
43-11 Reciprocating Engine Overhaul Terminology and Standards
43-12A Preventive Maintenance
Subject No.60
60-4A Pilot's Spatial Disorientation
60-6B Airplane Flight Manuals...
60-22 Aeronautical Decision Making
61-47A Use of Approach Slope Indicators for Pilot Training
61-67B Stall Spin Awareness Training
61-84B Role of Preflight Preparation
61-101 Presolo Written Test
Air Traffic Control and General Operations
Subject No. 90
90-23E Aircraft Wake Turbulence
90-34 Accidents Resulting from Wheelbarrowing in Tricycle Gear Aircraft.
90-48C Pilots' Role in Collision Avoidance
90-50D Requirements for 760-Channel VHF Radio for Operations
90-58C VOR Course Errors Resulting from 50 kHz channel Mis-Selection
90-66 Recommended Standard Traffic Patterns for Airplane Operations at Uncontrolled Airports.
90-83 Terminal Control Areas (TCA)
91-14D Altimeter Setting Sources
91-35 Noise, Hearing Damage, and Fatigue in General Aviation Pilots
91-36C VFR Flight Near Noise-Sensitive Areas
91-44A Operational and Maintenance Practices for Emergency Locator Transmitters and Receivers
91-46 Gyroscopic Instruments-Good Operating Practices
91-48 Acrobatics-Precision Flying with a Purpose
91-50 Importance of Transponder Operation and Altitude Reporting
91-55 Reduction of Electrical System Failures Following Aircraft Engine Starting
91-59 Inspection and Care of General Aviation Aircraft Exhaust Systems
91-65 Use of Shoulder Harness in Passenger Seats
91-67 Minimum Equipment Requirements for General Aviation Operations Under FAR Part 91
91-83-1B Canceling or Closing Flight Plans

Subject No. 120
120-51 Cockpit Resource Management Training

AC 00-2.6
Appendix 6

DOT, M-484.1
Customer' Name and Address.
Number Subject Copies
00-2.6 Checklist
20-43 Maintenance,
61- Certification: Pilots and Flight Instructors

91 General Operating and Flight Rules
93 Special Air Traffic Rules and Airport Traffic Patterns

Pilots Operating Handbook
(POH) (Aircraft Flight Manual (AFM)
Aging affects aircraft performance. Older POHs have more optimistic numbers. Newer models have more conservative and more complete information. Rule of thumb says that that you get a knot of cruise for each 100 pounds below gross. Manufacture's takeoff and landing performance were done using maximum performance techniques. Expect up to 50% poorer performance when you do it.

Certain items should be memorized such as weights, fuel, time aloft, and oil. Mark your manual so you don't have to fumble looking for airspeed, takeoff, landing, and range charts. Transfer pertinent checklist data to your own checklist. Finally, 'how the systems operate' should be an ongoing study of every increasing awareness and depth. An emergency can grow from nothing when the pilot does not know his aircraft systems and how they work.

Certain parts of the POH may be required by the FAA to be in the aircraft as part of the required papers. Since it is difficult to determine just which parts, keep it all. Better yet, keep your own copy since POHs have legs of their own. The POH is included in the FAA's "All available information" stricture, FAR 91.103, regarding any flight. "Each pilot in command shall, before beginning a flight, become familiar with all available information concerning that flight..." Do not rely on the aircraft POH to be current with past factory revisions. These revisions may not be available in published format. (Catch 22) It is best to study while in airplane. Memory will fade so a section by section review, one per flight, is not a bad idea.

Newer POHs of the GAMA form have nine numbered sections:
Inside of front cover is a quick study of performance data.
1. General Information;
2. Capacities
3, Limitations;
4. Engine limits, FAA essentials, weight & balance, placards
5. Emergency Procedures;
6. Normal Procedures;
7. Performance Data;
8. Speeds
9.Weight and Balance charts;
10. Equipment list;
11. Systems
12. Maintenance
13. Modifications or optional installations
(Supplements and maintenance manual may be available)

The FAA expects a pilot to know what is in the Pilots Operating Handbook (POH). A pilot's inability to use and rely on POH information is a common reason given for FAA charges of FAR violation. The FARs and most POHs have built in factors that make the plane safe to fly as limited and unsafe if flown otherwise. Safety factors exist only if all of the operating procedures are followed exactly. Since few pilots are able to conform to exact operating procedures we should always fly with an additional personal safety margin. POH data is often based on gross weights. Below that gross weight a 10% decrease in weight will result is roughly a 5% increase in any performance. Speeds, altitudes, and ranges are based on new aircraft. U. S. General Aviation aircraft are an average of 30 years old. They cannot be expected to achieve POH figures.

S. F. Bay Area Aircraft (10 minute delayed)

Palm Pilot info

IFR Clearances Live

Free Palm software for FAA private pilot and instrument pilot exam preparation

Aircraft specifications
GPS Products

Handbook for Pilots
Airport Directory
Aerial photos of the approach to airports.,

Weight and Balance
(These are books you can read online and print too)
(This site has weight and balancing done in Excel with c of g envelope)
(more weight and balance spread sheets)

Karen Kahn

Download current approach plates

Non-tower Operations
AC 90-42 Non-tower radio procedures
AC 90-66 Non-tower patterns and practices

Atmospheric Science

Flight planners for the C-152, C-172N and C-172P.

Free FAA Publications for Pilots and Instructors
(Over $100 of material if published as books)
Aircraft Weight and Balance Handbook
Airplane Flying Handbook
Aviation Instructorís Handbook
Instrument Flying Handbook

Student Pilot Guide
Pilotís Handbook of Aeronautical Knowledge
You can download the PHAK and the IFR handbooks from the FAA web site for free in .pdf format.

Pilot's Handbook of Aeronautical Knowledge

Instrument Flying Handbook

Military approach charts have recently been made available in the civilian
publications.You can get the charts at places like

The website of the University of Newcastle Aviation has changed and now has an interesting lesson about GPS. More lessons are to come. Check it out:

Student Pilot Discussion Groups (big)

Would you like to make your landings slower, shorter, and safer? We promise that with our vortex
generators (VGs) you will! 100% money-back guarantee. Non STCed: for Experimental category or Certified with FAA Field Approval only. A low price of only $95 + S&H per set.
Check out our site at for more information.

What about Works for me every time

Its a 100 meg download from here:

Aviation Tutorials Company, LLC has created a FREE online course on > METAR's and TAF's. Nearly 2 hours of online, interactive training is > provided, and is available to anyone who visits Aviation Tutorial's > website. Users can find the link to the tutorial at

"Pilot Medical Solutions has comprehensive aeromedical information via its Web site

Wizard of Draws Weather Briefing form

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