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…Mirrors of my web site; …Aircraft; …Medical; ……VOR Trainer; …Flight Planners; ...IFR Checkrides; …Training; ...FAA Written Test; ...Practical Test Standards; ...Sources; ...Aircraft Information; ...Airports; ...Taxi Diagrams; ...Spins; ...Live Radio; ...Distances; ...Weather; ...Pilot Information; ...Time; ...FAA Sources; ...Charts; …Medicals; …IFR; …GPS: …Navigation; … What briefer gives during briefing; … Direct links to aviation; … GA fixed-wing accident database; … How your transponder works ; … Anti-collision Lighting; … Controllers Handbook; … U.S. Airports; … CFI Resource; … Hearing as a Problem; … CFI Lessons; …GPS Locations; ...Engine History; ...Autopilot; ...Electronic Weather ...Use of WWW to track flights; ...  All the aviation formulae you will ever need; ... WWII Fighters, ...Google Earth Viewer, ...New Written Questions; ... Aircraft Door Locks; ...Local METAR Weather; ...From England; ...

Check this link out, now you can see anyone's New Pilots license on
the Internet - including your own! I just searched for mine and there it
was...picture and all!
Click on the link below then enter your name, city and state to see
if yours is on file.

Mirrors of my web site:

Aircraft performance numbers for AOPA members
AOPA's Airport eDirectory is downloadable in part or whole or available on a CD-ROM
$7 at 1-800 USA-AOPA or as member renewal benefit.
A hands on explanation of how to handle a brake and tire change on your own.

Selected facilities exist as repositories of advanced knowledgeto train GA pilots. Glass Cockpit info.

Look on the bottom of this page for an advisory plotting chart and other info:

For quick visualization of the airmets, see

Other related info: or|

Pre-Solo flight test from Aviation Safety Research

After ten years at the old location, it has been necessary to find a new home for my web documents. The new URL for the book _See How It Flies_ is

Runway Safety

Risk Perception and Risk tolerance in aircraft Pilots

Master web site of technical info on flight Beautiful site full of good info. (Australian Ultralight )

Aviation Safety Research Pre-Solo Test


Propeller Hartzell information is
under "working around the propeller".

The McCauley information is located under "Preventing Damage".

I would check if someone in the Socata users group at
They also have all kinds of information about this airplane

 C-150 and C-172 lChecklists

Load Factor

Shock Cooling
See: Service Instruction 1094. From the URL:


Royson Parsons
Editor Cessna 150-152 Pilot Magazine
P.O. Box 1917
Atascadero, CA 93422

Logbook, Weight and Balance


Someone mentioned the web site Virtual Flight Surgeon's web site at
Special Issuance Authorization Letter of Interpretation,"
List of commonly prescribed medications acceptable to the FAA. ( ).

VOR Trainer
VOR section on:
Java Based
VOR navigation,
Online vor tutorials
"VOR Advisory Plotting Chart Reference Points". Try either of the
following URLs for charts of these points in a variety of formats.


Flight Planners
Webmaster of aeroplanner? or 1-800-515-6900
It is free. We are not charging or requiring e-mail addresses.

 GA pilots will legally be able to use flight information from the approved aviation Web sites. See
X-country Planning with Palm

The new IFR Flight Planning / Enroute form is available at (aka
Airnav allows you search within X miles of a given location for all airports that meet whatever criteria.... Go to:

There is a program that IMHO beats all the ones you've mentioned - It's free and much more feature-rich. It's called CoPilot, developed by Laurie Davis and the open database for it generated by Paul Tomblin, our own r.a.* folk.

Aircraft Colors on Flight Plans
Access the service's main menu. Select "flight plans." Then choose the "file a domestic" flight plan. Once there, Box 16 ("color of aircraft") has a drop-down menu with a complete listing of the proper aircraft color abbreviations.

avigation log (called a "flight planning form")

Click on Planning, and look under 'Navigation Log'
for fuel costs.
Excel flight planner. is excellent

EAA Flight Planner
--Free to CFIs
--Click on EAA Flight Planner, register, log on Flight Planner
--Files, stores and retrieves flight plans w/wo DUATS
--View and print IFR approach plates
--Displays flight on interactive sectional chart
--Flight planning 'Wizard'
--Auto-routes for pilot preferences
--Checks NOTAMS, TFTs and MCAs on route
--Weather check
--Weight and Balance
--Multiple aircraft profile storage.

Weather reports and images to your cell phone and PDA

Check out the track log. It updates every minute on the last flight of the tail number!
What operating system does it use?

Actual radar picture. How about ?

There is a WingX User manual. it can be found at:

Airports of the U.S. with Instrument Approaches

 On demand Metar and TAF weather reports sent to your cell phone. The service is free. We still need pilots to help test a new weather service.  Get aviation weather info such as satellite and nexrad radar images sent to your
cell phone. See us at

WingX Browser Beta. will display color-coded METARs, TAFs, winds aloft, temperature aloft, trends etc. Take a look at the screen shots (landscape mode too):

Change address
Why Checklists?
All sorts of useful formulas...

Live ATC Live audio feed of Atlanta Center watching over ATL Macey arrival

And even if you don't have one, you still can read it on the web.

"Pilot's Club"
Join for free. You'll find all the manuals, and a couple of simulators.
Gleim's website and download all the scanned charts (assuming : you *want* to download all the PDF images) then print them out for : your convenience while studying. Since the legend printed on the images : has the chart scale, you don't need to worry about the distances matching what's on your plotter. However, the compass will come in handy.
Gleim has a link to my website.

You can order the current booklet (FAA-CT-8080-2B?) from the US Government bookstore (in Kansas City since they others won't cooperate) for US$6.00 by calling 1-816-765-2256 from 10am to 9 pm Central Time. The title is "Computerised Testing Supplement for Recreational and Private Pilot". 

IFR Checkrides
Field Morey's West Coast Adventures 608 836-1711
See Wally Roberts's excellent IFR refresher articles

The old FAA Instrument Flying Handbook AC61-27C has some good drawings of the inside of instruments. Check out Chapter 4.

IFR Proficiency Endorsement
FAR 61.37 (e)(2)

Full account of my checkride(s) are at -

FAR knowledge for the upcoming checkride....
I put a checklist on my instructor stuff page. Makes it easy to make sure the student has
everything necessary for the checkride...
Don't forget there's a lot of other useful stuff on my general aviation page at

You can download the Air Force's Instrument Flight Procedures manual: and
American Flyers site
FAA Instrument Training Handbook

.From our main index page follow the (Yellow Push Buttons) link to STAR - our New Scenery Directory area.
You'll find "ALL" towards the bottom of the page.
PPL groundschool online at

Field Morey’s IFR Program
( )

A good source of information on charts is the "Aeronautical
Chart User's Guide" ( .

There is a simulation of the scene and the tower audio as a real video movie on this page (among some others):

Aaron Singer’s foundation for funds for young wantabe pilots.

FAA's Advisory Circulars (no longer printed)

FAA Written Test:
FAA written test question site

Try :
FAA test questions

Exams Their questions don't have as many errors as

Here are some sites that have software to practice the exams, the first
one is a PDA solution.
Good site listing PPL exam questions...
PPL groundschool online at
Site listing PPL exam questions...
All the rest of the Airman Testing information is at

Practical Test Standards
Latest version of PTS
Getting Changes to Practical Test Standards
The govt internet site that has the adobe downloadable PTS's
There was a subtle change in the meaning of the white arc between the older and newer planes.
Latest changes in PTS
The FAA chose this one as a sample of their "plain language" AC initiative:
The current test question banks are now available directly from the FAA here:
owledge+Test+Item+Banks (Browser cookie support is required)
You may find some information here:

The CFI PTS is at
Mentor Managing Editor
Member News (Instructor publication)
P.O. Box 3086
Oshkosh, WI 54903-3086

Aviation Education and Technology Resources for Teachers
CDE Press Sales Office
P.O. Box 271
Sacramento, CA 95812-0271

Instructional error prevention
Instructor's site
How People Learn, full text of book at
Written Test Site

The web address for the FAA Annual Inspection Checklist

All ADs since 1940
Annual inspection video for owners from Approach Aviation, $40
Here are lots of online services as well as downloadable utilities, shareware and freeware too.
You can get a FREE AIM complete with updates from the FAA. The web address is
AOPA Handbook for Pilots
Airport Diagrams
These are in self-extracting zip format for each state, and are a mixture of
NACO taxi diagrams and state published diagrams.
For UK airfields. for stops with reported fuel for airport and taxiway diagrams
Airport diagrams for anyone to download.
About aviation formulas.
Online source for the airplane flying handbook.
FAA-H-8083-3 (newest rev) or the older 61-21A book.
Commenting on FAA notice of proposed rulemakings (NPRM's)
Click once on the ARM icon
Under 'Participating in FAA Rulemakikng, click once on the bullet entitled,
"Documents Open for Comments (NPRM's, Notices, Request for Comments)."
Historic Aviation books.
Good mountain flying info at
 --HORTON STOL CRAFT of Wellington,
KS, 800/835-2051 or 620/326-2241,
 --KNOTS 2U LTD of Burlington, WI, 262/763-5100,
--MET-CO-AIRE of Fullerton, CA, 800/814-2697
 or 714/521-0871.
 Adam Halop, CPA Tech Staff

A webcam picture could be worth a thousand words of METARs.

Just call +1 (877) 269-2967, and key in the airport identifier when requested.
It requires listening to a commercial, but it's a quick and easy way to get an AWOS report.

Link checker for website
Btw – there’s software out there that is freeware that will actually do a link check on the website. My favorite site for the software is either or

Source to get the "end of evening civil twilight" and "beginning of morning civil twilight"


The applications that I'm considering are:
Fly v5.05 from GPS Pilot
Version 1.53 of Palm Flight Buddy from Apexx

( ).

Lesson Plans
If you want to know where the identifiers are, just go to
and enter the identifier in. It'll tell you where the airport is.
Feel free to copy it, use it, abuse it, etc. It does calculate things like night landings in last 90 days and other currency items. There is an MS-Excel logbook at
You may find it useful to invest around $20 on an Australian invented plotter (big country Australia and easy to get lost in) that solve the most troublesome aspects of visual navigation, off-course heading corrections and unexpected diversions.
For anyone interested in more information on optics for pilots, visit our website at
In our website,
we store the 'actual' location surveyed in the database. The actual lat/lon for the airport.
Here's a good article on the topic of Scud Running:
See for a most erudite discussion of the turn back to runway after engine failure.

Cockpit Lights
This "Beam n Read can be ordered at the following site
I have a couple hundred hours night using a lip light, I wouldn't give mine up.
Light Sources

Live Radio links:
I strongly suggest that you listen to this conversation in its entirety

this one has a bunch on one site...

 Weather and Flying

Try here for weather contractions:

Weather Study Source
Go to private pilot exams and then click meteorology. It will give you four met exams and you can't move on the the exam number 2 until you score 90pervent or better on one. It doesn't give you the answers - it marks your paper and tells you what to study. You have to join but it's free.

Weather site

Engine Operation
Dumb things that happen on the radio: you want to know where the airport identifiers are, just go to
Enter the identifier in. It'll tell you where the airport is.
There is an MS-Excel logbook at
Australian invented plotter that solve the most troublesome aspects of visual navigation, off-course heading corrections and unexpected diversions.
For anyone interested in more information on optics for pilots, visit our website at
I put a checklist on my instructor stuff page. Makes it easy to make sure the student has
everything necessary for the checkride...
Other useful stuff at
Rules of thumb

Air sickness
Uses electric shock and relatively expensive. Good track record.
I've created a PDF version of the navigation log form I used for planning cross-country flights. It's not exactly the "original" but it should serve it's purpose. Find it here:
Vibrating watch/timer $80

Palm Pilot
FREE Aviation Weather for Palm Pilot and PocketPC!!
Here is a palm app I just found which basically puts the AF/D in your palm!
Cessna vs Piper
|Coriolis effect
15-20% of fatal stall/spin accidents occurred while dual instruction was being given.
Aviation Fuel: has lat/long for all the airports in their database, and they
have most private airports.
A web site where some guy in Australia journaled most of his lessons. He was very humorous as well as detailed
It's called "Andrew's Aerodrome", .
or )
Professor Stephen W. Shure, Department of Aerospace Technology, Indiana State University at,
rl is and hit the link to distance education and then to any of 6 courses I just put online- AST-141,143,241,243,245 and 441. Guest-guest gives entry

Try this web page it has a couple of handy files that provide a complete decoding guide.
The white light flashlight at:
Also one of the best downloadable/printable sources is "Aviation Weather Services AC 00-45E" which you can get from:
If you are interested in Lycoming engines, consider this link from Lycoming:
Auctions for everything aviation!
Breath of Life
White Mountain Products group
PO Box 95 Dyer Nevada 89010
$159.95 Oxygen kit.

CCR Website
FAA contact for Lost Certificates:
405 954-3261

Aircraft Information
Plane & Pilot Magazine's on-line site has a lot of spec information:

Aircraft performance spreadsheet

Trade-a-Plane has "spec sheets" that describe many of the various types at

To find the owner of an aircraft by N number (but you have to register)$pass*6858102!
1925/1935 aeroplane (England)

his is the address:for cartoon aircraft
A MS Word checklist. For example,
For C152, click on, 5310H, then click on Files to Download
For C172, click on, 737WF then click on Files to Download
For PA28-161, 81024, then click on Files to Download
NOTE: For more details on how the STC worked,

The only, book on Magnetos).

There are v-speeds at:

Anyone interested in old airfields should take a look at Paul's would be the website.
Type in your airport identifier or fix, and it will zoom in to your airport. Click on the map, hold the left mouse button down and you can scroll to your hearts content. Only limit I saw, is it does not cross sectional charts. I live at the very bottom of the Memphis sectional, so I cannot traverse from the Memphis sectional to the New Orleans sectional through scrolling.

IFR Take a looks at Seattle_avionics.com_SmartPlates   The plates are free and the software has excellent plate management and printing.  Suggest HP TC1100
For local airports, I use
It's an online airport directory .--
Many private airports are in the FAA database. Pop an address in and specify "private" airports. Select the
airport name to jump to AirNav's great interface to the airport's record. It should include info about the owner
and manager (typicallly the same for the small private airports).
Type in address it tells you the nearest 5 airports as
well as ground transportation options.
Airport locations in
It's the Civil Air Patrol's photo database.. very handy, although most of the pictures are a bit too "close" to help with spotting from a distance.
Waypoint data base:

Satellite pictures of airports

 They also have a Java pattern simulation that was interesting to look at

Old Airports
A collection of old photos with text/history of former airports throughout the
country - searchable by state.

:A large collection of aviation pictures related OOPS occasions

Taxi Diagrams
330 busiest airports with full-page diagram.

Microsoft's (free) TERRASERVER can be a big help with airport diagrams/pictures

Spins from the tail and the cockpit of a 152 trainer.

Live Radio
From our main index page follow the (Yellow Push Buttons) link to STAR - our New Scenery Directory area. You'll find "ATCC" towards the bottom of the page. Enjoy!
Centennial Airport (APA) ATC feed at:
follow the (Yellow Push Buttons) link to STAR - our New Scenery Directory area. You'll find "ATCC" towards the bottom of the page. Enjoy!

ATC while on the Net...
From our main index page follow the (yellow) push style buttons to: LINKS -

The Centennial Airport web site is at photos of the runways useful while listening to the ATC feed.

Tables for the lat/lon of my home airport, of both sunset/rise and twilight, from the US Naval Observatory

Distance of airports
/ or email me at:

Aviation weather with graphics .

Plain text and garble versions .

For quick visualization of the airmets, see

Other related info: or

"VOR Advisory Plotting Chart Reference Points". Try either of the
following URLs for charts of these points in a variety of formats.
I like It's still available for free. Dave
Forecast weather - I like

Finally, there's a free web site that does tracking of IFR flights and
maps and graphs and whatnot:
IFR Plates offers IAPs by airport as a PDF file


Pre-Solo flight test from Aviation Safety Research

Risk Perception and Risk tolerance in aircraft Pilots

Defines the U.S. METAR code format,
Aviation weather with graphics .
Winds aloft site.
Weather, flight planning, filing service, graphics
A good website which talks about relative and absolute humidity, dewpoint, etc, is
Worked this dewpoint subject to the bone:
Now as you zoom around on our maps, we provide a link to the closest radar image!
I have a form for a weather brief. It's in PDF format.
Weather calculator for density altitude

This 8710 Application for Pilot Certificate allows you to type your information into the form before printing

ASOS Explained.
Map with PIREPS

Eyewall of hurricane Hugo
You can get them at

A shareware program to plot up the METAR data Digital Atmosphere. It's at .

 All about AWOS

Pilot Information
One such site, has

Here's some guidance from Lycoming.

The following page is intended to help orient first-time passengers

Make this web site a part of your monthly reads.

Radar Facilities
This list contains both the business and Watch Desk telephone numbers.

Just call +1 (877) 269-2967, and key in the airport identifier when requested. It requires listening to a commercial, but it's a quick and easy way to get an AWOS report.

Load Factor

Written Test Sites:

DE Site full of info
A $6K cross-country for IFR rating
Field Morey
Here's an excellent site for formulae;:
Follow the links to Possum Creek.
Go to
How fast is your airplane?
Go to,click on "Features",and read "Slips With
Flaps-An In-Depth Look".

The E6B

There's a GPS manual and simulator here.\
http://www. The Control Vision GPS website is
I have made a number of checklists on aviation page.
Interesting stuff about ditching:
Logbook Questions

Certification Records

search for "N" numbers or certificated pilots. to
Quiz on airport signage
Electronic AFD is now available includes airports and navaids of US and territories.
Checklists for the PA28-180 and PA28-236 and weight and balance calculators
That "dang' flight computer?

General Info
Most for the Money

Has Everything You Could Want and Use
Site that has the equations for wind correction angle, density altitude correction, etc.?
Try this:
Pictorials about angle of attack and stall.. -- animated.
Here's a really good tutorial.

"Pilot's Pocket Decoder" Barnes and Noble acronyms in it.
Aviation flightplanning formulas on-line, by the way, the "Aviation Formulary",
The article is about landing on grass.,
You'll need Adobe Acrobat to read it.
PDF format briefing also some PDF format checklists
o to the aviation page and click on the passenger briefing link.
3-part series called "On Landings" some years ago. They're reprinted at
Ground reference info:
Logging Time
There is an article on how to log time properly at:
Look under "Articles" in the left hand menu.

Wooden model planes with moveable controls

Preparation for the Written
Andrew Sarangan posted an article on situational awareness at for a link, and be sure to visit
The forums and read through them before also a logbook program to buy

From England
Click on
to read the latest edition Also.. 

Review on the new Just Flight software called Traffic 2005

Log Books
This is a more basic one for both the PC and iPAQ. Great
logbook, best I've seen.

There are some on-line calculators available at

Cockpit Resource Management Training books
703 487=4650
Teaching Text $17 Student text $23 
Protocol as on the Garmin 295. I am downloading the demo at. The cdrom is quoted at $49.00
This company also sells wireless GPS.


All kinds of pictures of aircraft

The Aeronautical Information Manual at theAir Traffic's Publications Library home page. Also the Controller's Handbook, 7110.65, Notices to Airman publication, Air traffic Bulletins, etc.
FAA Advisory Circulars

Telling time

Listing of status
( ).
or ( ).
Incidentally, there's a nice map of world time zones at:

FAA Sources
The Aviator (A cornucopia of information)

FAA Accident
Flight Standards
Real-time graphical depictions of current TFRs will be available on the FAA Web site starting today.


Unsafe Attitudes

Summit Aviation sells a CDROM with just about every FAA piece of paper you could want.
FAA Inspector's Handbook, at:

The FAA provides a searchable database for examiners. .

The AIM, at
Summit Aviation sells a CDROM with just about every FAA piece of
paper you could want.
A/FD for Palm Pilot and Visor - Entire USA - $18
The Class II NOTAMs
This site has a copy of the medical form.
FAA Advisory Circulars

Change of Address

Medical Information

Practical Test Standards

DE page:

  Much material is covered in the Aeronautical Information Manual, but there is significant benefit in your depth of understanding to be acquired by reading the actual orders and circulars. http://

Lost Certificate
Phone the FAA at 405 954-3261

Start with the AIM,

IFR Approach Charts
Online ( ).
Airspace chart
Chart reading
Approach Plates

The FAA's National Aeronautical Charting Office allows pilots to order charts, flight publications, and digital products 24 hours a day. With one-time purchase and subscription options. Customers can also request overnight  shipping for a small additional fee. For more see ( ).

This excellent weather chart has been sold on line and through pilot shops for several years. It is free as two 11 x 17 full color PDF files, which you can download and take to your local color copy shop for output.

From AOPA website at:
The official FAA diabetic poop is here:

More info from the AOPA website at
And one more link from AOPA at
Knows the process that the FAA expects and can help your private physician provide the correct necessary information
to your AME so you can get your special issuance as quickly as possible.
Bob Borucki, MD, AME,
.Members only section. Many anti-hypertensives are approved.

Capt. Wally Roberts' most excellent site
Read about an IFR training experience at
VFR pilots becoming unstuck in IMC.
Vacuum Failure in IFR

Windows based GPS moving map w/ HSI, go to
Article on the Garmin (the article uses the 530 but
is applicable to the 430 as well):

Tips On Protecting Your Certificate
Information on FAA Form 8500-8 (application for a pilot medical certificate
or student pilot certificate) is filled out correctly etc.
( ).

Free practice tests for written:

Search for a college offering an aviation program.

Flight plan sheets you can print out

This excellent weather chart has been sold on line and through pilot shops for several years. It is free as two 11 x 17 full color PDF files, which you can download and take to your local color copy shop for output.

Consider using an electronic one palm that does it all (E6-B+ from Jim Eli), best $7.50 ever spent -

A flight log
1. Fill out the left-hand side as you normally would.
2. Determine fuel-- the MY RES field is used for any safety margin that you might like. I use another 30 minutes or so of fuel just to handle any ATC or unexpected winds.
3. In flight, clip the right hand side to your kneeboard, and unfold the left-hand side over your thigh. You can then use the boxes provided to enter actual time enroute, and use the notes field to jot down squawk codes, clearances, etc.-Rob

Navigation log:
Scroll on down 'till you see "VFR XC Flight Planner" and there's a few to choose from. I prefer the kneeboard format.

Amount of headwind for every crosswind:
You must check out the Aviation Forumlary for this and other answers:
IFR reservations arrival and departure require separate reservation.
Has C-172 Weight and Balance Figures
Distance (in nm) and heading between any two cities.
Airport pictures
Go to the following page and scroll down to "Checkride"
Electronic E6-B
My ASA CX-2 has many useful functions that simply are not possible with a whiz-wheel. They have a demo at

Aerobatics (
Patty Wagstaff)
Locate all public, > private and military airports within a specified radius of any town.

Distance between airports
By airport name or zipcode and get airports in the area of that zipcode.
FAA Type Certificate Data Sheet from the FAA's web site at

Written by ferry pilots and private pilots who have been to the places. )
and click on the "flight info" section.


Pertinent to preparing for the reading the weather EXAMS:
At that page you
can link to:

The Weather Depiction at the top of this page:

Radar Summary products available are:

The "4 panel" Surface / Significant Weather / Cloud Amount
links from here:

E6-B flight computer
Sample questions to practice on at

A small tutorial for the Gleim, but good for all, is at:

For the background behind a lot of that, see:

Even better, go look at the USAF nav manual, which includes a section on DR computers, and download it as PDF: 

What briefer would throw during briefing.

Direct links to aviation

GA fixed-wing accident database
( ).

How your transponder works

Anti-collision Lighting.

Controllers Handbook

Andrew Sarangan

U.S. Airports

CFI Resource
Instructor Lesson Plans Have you looked here?

Hearing as a Problem

CFI Lessons on "My Aviation Page"

A: The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration provides climatic wind data for downloading on the Web.
If not your airport, it will most likely include the information for a nearby location.
( ).

Is it possible to manually calculate (i.e. no whizwheel etc): > Heading and Groundspeed if I have Intended Track,
TAS and w/v. Try the Aviation Formulary at

GPS Locations
Book: "GPS Companion" All bookstores. Lists geographical places in U.S.
Engine History
Kimble D. McCutcheon, President
Aircraft Engine Historical Society, Inc.
Email Address:
Website URL:
Voice Telephone: (256) 683-1458

A very good article on the autopilot on the Avionics West web page. I think it answers a lot of questions.

Electronic Weather
Sectional geotiffs:

Oziexplorer (also get the geotiff support file from the extras area of the website):

Your link will go on "My Favorite Links" at my main site
Cap'n Meryl

Check out the glider pilot area.. lots of vector terrain maps with
airport/airspace data.. not a full sectional.. but GPS inputs to PDAs run
many glide programs with moving map displays

ControlVision also offers a version of their AnywhereMap for the laptop.
I haven't tried their laptop software yet, but I've been pleased with their PDA version for a few years now.
I use it for my Dell Axim (ppc) but it has an interface for PC's. Best of's free!

Use of WWW to track flights
I use, $10/month. I looked far and wide for free or
cheaper options to no avail. Fboweb is probably less capable than
FlightExplorer, but it's web based so I (or my wife) can use it from

  All the aviation formulae you will ever need

WWII Fighters, Google Earth Viewer, New Written Questions; 

Good pictures of WWII fighters -

Google's new Earth viewer, downloadable from It's like and draws on the same the satellite views, but now you can also rotate and tilt the view so that you can appear to be on final into any runway... and the terrain is accurately modeled, too.

New Written Questions
. They print new questions if there are any. 
Bob Gardner

Aircraft Door Lock

Local METAR Weather
I wrote this little proggy to get the local conditions at my airport quickly. I thought some you might be interested in checking it out. It's a little rough but I thought if you guys are game, it would be nice to have some feedback. It's free. No commercial aspirations....

Weather Information
Meteorologist and flight instructor, he will point you in the right
direction. Might even sign you up for one of his seminars. Great source of
weather information.z

Have a look at

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